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DiscreetAI allows you to train machine learning models on untapped sensitive datasets while maintaining privacy, security & compliance for your customers, in just a few lines of code.

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What We're Building

DiscreetAI is building a service for privacy preserving machine learning on mobile, web, and servers. We enable enterprises to build better models faster by training on untapped datasets. If you’ve ever worked on a data driven product that was blocked by GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc. we can help you analyze that data while still maintaining compliance.

How It Works

Instead of deriving insights from centrally collected data, DiscreetAI provides a service wherein developers can decentralize the training of deep learning models to the edge. This federated learning technology is currently deployed in a number of cutting edge consumer facing products, and DiscreetAI’s framework makes it accessible to any company.

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1st Place at Spring 2018 YC Hackathon

LAUNCH Demo Day 2018 Grand Prize Winners

Open Source

Interoperable and decentralized machine learning in Python
Interoperable and decentralized machine learning in JavaScript
Customized Jupyter Notebook for users to directly interact with

Get set up in
3 easy steps



Install DiscreetAI with Cocoapods or NPM.


Start DiscreetAI at the beginning of your app, and training will happen automatically.


As data is generated on the device, DiscreetAI will use it to train your model.

Just a few lines of code

Just a few lines of code

// Import the DiscreetAI library const discreetai = require('discreetai').bootstrap('SECRET_KEY_HERE'); // Tell DiscreetAI some data is ready for training const receipt = await discreetai.bootstrap_library({ secret_key: SECRET_KEY, data: "user's credit card data is…", label: "user’s monthly expenditure is…" });

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